Association of guilds

Guilds, powerful entities

One of the oldest established social systems in Ahnicus is the Guild. A guild is an association of people with a common professional interest who wield considerable power within their profession. Mages in the employ of the Houses of Vikandor were the first to form a guild in 41AR. Mages sort to form a guild […]


Vikandor – Azur’s largest Kingdom

When the Rift ceased, the first known people to walk again on the planet’s surface, came from Vikandor. Close to twelve thousand surfaced in the North at Unterheal, from deep within the earth and spread out over what would become the Kingdom of Vikandor during the next 200 years. Among the group of the first […]


Krystia – home of Tor’gel

Krystia is a sizeable continent located in the North sea, Gallopticus. General Overview of Krystia Krystia has a seven self identifying countries each holding the political status of a Kingdom. At the beginning of 1028 AR, six of these countries have united to form the Krystian Empire. Trehn sits as the cultural and political capital. […]

Aerial vision of Sparatus

Sparatus – land of the free

The Rift that opened the world Azur after the age of Humanity closed. It’s work complete, Azur drifted to sleep. The heaving landmasses and cataclysmic  eruptions passed leaving behind new land masses. Above the world in the stratosphere, the old corrupted land now turned to dust, rocks and islands of ejected matter blocked out the […]


Rothe – test tube experiement

Rothe are a test tube, human experiment that survived the age of Humanity. A government project dissected and experimented on unusual creatures, especially those alien in nature. Humans had secretly captured at least one mortal elf before the Rift and an alien that was forced to visit Azur following a spacecraft malfunction. It is described […]

Rift Chalk Drawing of Ahn

Ahn – evolved humans

An Ahn is the next stage of the human evolution. Ahns look like  humans and are often mistaken for their weaker ancestor who sometimes mimic their appearance, much to their dislike. An ahn’s brain has the ability to see and manipulate the quantum realm.  Like most species with the ability to change their physical environment with […]

Human peasant with a bundle of firewood

Humans – the fallen race

Once a powerful and wealthy race, humans thrived on science, electronic technology and industrial progress. Humans were considered the world’s chosen race until the end of the age of Humanity, when chaos reigned and the Rift began. Immortals believe the human race brought about their own downfall by neglecting and abusing their most precious resource, […]


Elves – mortal and immortal

Elves fall into both immortal and mortal categories for sentient beings. Elves who are immortal are not born of Azur. Immortal elves are offworlders who came during the age of Hanifamun. Mortal elves are elves born on Azur. They are the offworlder’s children and their life lines are integrated with this world. The History of […]